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Our Mission

"We are a team of dedicated and mission-oriented professionals having the belief and confidence that we can solve the long-existing problems of the education market."

So far, people have spent a lot of money to get a better education from the top instructors. In particular, speaking and writing classes, where 1:1 feedback is important, have been a considerable financial burden for many students. However, the problem with the education market is that even after paying these expensive fees, the learning effect that students experience is low.

In the existing private education market, the instructor has provided educational content by analyzing students' weaknesses based on his/her subjective intuition and experience. However, the curriculum based on such subjective evaluation has not solved students' needs. Hence students kept on paying more for private education by going to different institutes or tutors until they found the ones they like. This process eventually led to a waste of time and money.

This private education market, which is unreasonably expensive, has limited learning effects, and wastes students' valuable time, is a social challenge that we must address.

DATABANK began with people who believe that quality education opportunities should be provided to everyone who has a will to learn.

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