TOEFLBANK AI is engineered to provide you with the shortest path to your target score


Tired of human graders taking forever to get back to you with feedback? Don't wait any longer!


— TOEFLBANK AI can be accessed ANYTIME from ANYWHERE.

Unlike conventional automated scoring engines which rely primarily on rule-based matching, TOEFLBANK AI focuses on Natural Language Understanding based on various deep-learning algorithms. TOEFLBANK AI is constantly learning from massive sets of essay data and is capable of providing consistent and accurate assessments


Even at this moment, TOEFLBANK AI is continuously learning from massive user data records.

​ㅡ TOEFLBANK AI takes 30 seconds, not days or hours, to give you feedback on your speaking & writing.


ㅡ Textbooks or paper-based content may not be the best way to prepare for TOEFL.

TOEFLBANK's practice exams were carefully designed to provide you with content resembling the actual TOEFL exam, internet-based testing experience, and real-time scoring/performance assessment. 



Quickly visualize your progress for each section: Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading


Practice Tests

With 8 actual test sets and hundreds of practice questions, you'll be able to achieve your score goal in no time! 

Learning Time Tracker

Not sure how much time you are spending on studying? TOEFLBANK makes it easy to see how many hours you are spending on your study time.

TB_Time Tracker.png

Detailed Section Overview

Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing: While the dashboard is able to quickly give you your stats, you can also track your detailed progress by each section. 


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